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*Please note that we are no longer accepting SPA applications for the summer of 2019!

The Summer Politics Academy will cover topics like Policy-Making, Elections, International Relations, and Political Theory. This week long summer program will enrich your understanding of the political process, domestic and foreign policy-making, and normative questions in political theory while developing your research and communication skills. The goal is for students to learn how political scientists address the important issues of our time and how public officials implement policy in response. Students will leave this program with a unified and challenging intellectual experience in the study of politics and will have the tools to create their own policy solutions to difficult problems.

Become a leader.
Brainstorm innovative policy.

The SPA Model


We give you access to unparalleled resources, including speakers/professors from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, former policy influencers and distinguished Harvard Undergraduates with a demonstrated interest and talent in politics. We hope this inspires you. Learn more about our amazing lineup of speakers here.


The core of SPA lies in learning from your peers. Our model focuses on peer-to-peer, hands-on learning that focuses on immersive classroom debate and group activities. At SPA, you will never be told what to think, but we will give you the resources with which you can make foster your own opinions. By engaging you, we hope to help you grow as an intellectual. Learn more about our program here.

Find Your Passion in Politics

SPA will be taught in a combination of lectures, forums, sections and a week-long project. Lectures are taught by speakers who are renown in the field of politics and will introduce students to the broader themes in politics. In section participants will have an opportunity to discuss the material covered in lecture with the help of a Harvard student. This will provide students with a good idea of what to expect in a college classroom. Students will also be doing a lot of hands-on work through their project groups. Before arriving students will be asked to indicate an area of interest within the broader realm of politics and get assigned to project groups with students who indicated similar interests. SPA will provide students with a hands-on experience through workshops and a weeklong project that culminates in the final SPA Summit. The Summer Politics Academy at Harvard will introduce students to key concepts in politics, government and international relations. You will study a broad array of areas within the realm of politics including, law, urban-planning, government structure and public policy. At SPA you will be challenged to ask and find answers to some of the most difficult political questions of our time. Is democracy really the best political system? How do we come up with the “best” macroeconomic policy?  How do you run a successful campaign? The most important takeaway from SPA will be a thorough understanding of the complexities that surround political power and public administration and a grasp on how one goes about navigating it.

2020 Program Dates

June 15th – 19th (M-F)
June 22nd – 26th (M-F)
June 29 – July 3rd(M-F)
July 6th – 10th (M-F)
July 13th – 17th (M-F)
July 20th – 24th (M-F)
July 27th – 31st (M-F)
August 3rd – 7th (M-F)
Session VI
Session V
Session VI
Session VII
Session VIII
Session I
Session II
Session III
Session IV


Program tuition covers one week of instruction, lunch, and snacks. Our program grants exclusive access to the people and unmatched resources at Harvard.

Please note that this tuition does not include housing for the students. Each student must find their own accommodations. Tuition for a five-day session of the Summer Politics Academy: $795.

Financial aid is offered on a case-by-case basis. To reach out regarding financial aid, please contact us at There are other opportunities available to reduce the cost of tuition. In addition to the 10% sibling discount, we also offer a referral program where if someone you refer registers for the program, you will receive a percentage off the final tuition payment; the more people who register, the greater your discount. The tuition deadline for all sessions is June 12th. Please contact us at if you need to make other payment arrangements

The Summer 2020 Application is open!

Early Application Due
March 6th, 2020

Regular Deadline
May 1st, 2020

Due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, all programs are now online.
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