The Pre-Med Level II Academy @HOME

The Pre-Med Level II Academy @HOME relies on prior knowledge from the Level I program (or a curricular equivalent) to give students the tools to fill the shoes of an emergency room doctor or a triage nurse in patient care. Students will learn about human physiology, the pathologies that affect it, and the tools needed to diagnose and treat those pathologies.

Analyze case studies. 

Learn to diagnose and treat patients.

Accessible Education. Harvard Quality.

Program Overview: Pre-Med Level II

The goals of Pre-Med II are to give students a fully immersive experience into the world of medicine. By stepping into the shoes of a physician, this academy challenges students to think quickly and decisively in order to treat patients. Each day, we begin with an introduction to a new pathology. From there, students begin to examine real-life case studies and analyze the implications of the decisions made as well as alternatives. With guided instruction and access to a knowledgeable Harvard undergraduate instructor, students are properly equipped with the knowledge and experience to successfully have a career in medicine. 

Our Level II program extends our goals from the Level I Academy by giving students a far more immersive, hands-on experience to the world of medicine. By simulating the role of medical professionals, students are given unparalleled insight as they enter the medical world.

SCHEDULE: Pre-Med Level II

Day 1

Introduction & Icebreakers

Heart and Coronary Artery Disease Lecture

Lung Lecture

Activity in Small Groups

Muscles & ALS Lecture

Radiological Scans Examination & Discussion

Day 2

Renal Failure & ESRD Lecture

Digestive System & Reports

Skin & Basal Cell Carcinoma Lecture

Blood Testing Activity

Day 3

Brain Lecture

Endocrine System

Associated Diseases & SOAP Note Format

Final Project Preparation


Day 4

Case Study Walkthrough

Present Final Projects

Harvard Q&A

Day 5 (Summer)

Guest Speaker - usually a Harvard professor or graduate student; sometimes a leading expert in the field.

Follow-up Q&A 

Additional Pathology Activities & Insight into Medical Professions