Pre-med Academies

Change lives with the power of medicine.



FOundations of Biology & Chemistry

Delve into the fundamental topics of pre-medical studies

Best for students who have not taken either AP Biology or AP Chemistry

Programs will be hosted throughout the fall of 2022 on Zoom. 

Foundations of Bio & Chem Program Dates: 

Dec 17-18 
Jan 7-8
Jan 21-22
Feb 4-5
Feb 18-19
March 4-5
March 18-19
April 1-2
April 15-16

Human Anatomy & systems of the body

Step into the shoes of a doctor and learn to diagnose patients

Best for students who already have a foundational understanding of AP Biology and AP Chemistry

Programs will be hosted throughout the fall of 2022 on Zoom.  

Human Anatomy & Systems of the Body Program Dates: 

Dec 10-11
Jan 14-15
Jan 28-29
Feb 11-12
Feb 25-26
March 11-12
March 25-26
April 8-9
April 22-23

Recognize symptoms.
Think critically.
Learn to diagnose patients.

Virtual Weekend Academies

Conveniently timed during the semester, join us over the weekend to explore your passions, maximizing the efficiency and accessibility of your experience.

Virtual Summer Academies

Enrich a week of your summer in our  programs exploring your passions and learning from industry leaders, all from the comfort of your own home.

In-Person Summer Academies

Join us on Harvard's campus this summer for an unparalleled experience exploring your passions and connecting with Harvard undergraduate mentors.