The Pre-Law Academy @HOME

The Pre-Law Academy @HOME is a unique pre-professional course oriented towards introducing the field of law to high school students. The course covers due process of law, landmark court cases in American legal history, and much more! We hope to orient students towards the LSAT, the difficult-to-navigate requirements of the application to Law School, and the many careers in the world of law. This program seeks to give students not only the tools of a pre-law student, but also an awareness of history and the current events that contextualize law in society today.

Become a leader.

Learn how to read and build a case. 

Accessible Education. Harvard Quality.

Program Overview

The Pre-Law Academy aims to orient students to the field of law. Each day, we begin with a lecture outlining a skill or concept critical to a career in law, whether it be the inner workings of the court system to how to prepare for the LSAT. From there, we build teamwork and collaborative thinking by providing a space for students to engage with one another. Over the course of the program, we equip students with knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in law. Guided by qualified Harvard undergraduate instructors, our curriculum aims to provide a comprehensive look at legal systems and give students the chance to meaningfully explore the field. 

Our goal is to provide a unique experience for students to explore law and litigation. We hope that all students interested in law will walk away with confidence in their ability to navigate the path to law school as well as an excitement for their future in law. 


Day 1

Introductions & Icebreakers

Week Overview & Final Project Introduction

The US Court System Lecture

Activity: Your State Court

Federal vs. State Court Divides (Lecture)

Brainstorm for Final Project

Day 2

How to Read Cases (Lecture)

Activity: Case-Reading

How to Write a Position Paper

Activity: Interactive Thesis Writing

Office Hour Style Work Time: Writing a Position Paper for Final Project

Day 3

How to be Pre-Law, Practice LSAT Questions, & Law Field Activity

Small Claims State Law (Lecture)

Final Edits/Peer Review

Slide Deck Building for Final Presentations

Day 4

Student Presentations

Activity: Analytical Reasoning

Harvard Q&A

Day 5 (Summer)

Guest Speaker - usually a Harvard professor or graduate student; sometimes a leading expert in the field.

Follow-up Q&A 

Further analysis of case studies & more interactive activities