The Business Level II Academy @HOME

The Business Level II Academy @HOME will teach you the skills needed to crack any case. From the ability to understand a problem, to breaking down the problem and identifying the issues or drivers, to analyzing data and interpreting information to drive insights and finally summarizing the problem and recommending a solution. Throughout the week, students will be introduced to different case questions: profit and loss, market sizing, entering a new market and mergers and acquisitions. They’ll also learn how to interview to land a consulting job as well as the hard skills that every consultant needs; they’ll get to practice by going through Harvard Business School case studies. At the end of the week, students will have collaborated in teams on real world cases from a business where they can showcase and put into practice what they have learned.

Diagnose issues in businesses.

Recognize patterns and trends in markets.

Accessible Education. Harvard Quality.

Program Overview

The Business Level II Academy emphasizes critical thinking and pattern recognition. Each day, we begin with the introduction to a critical aspect of consulting, whether that be market sizing to pricing strategies. Then, students will break out into teams to discuss case studies on real-world businesses. In a collaborative environment, students are given the chance to analyze business models from different industries, giving them an expansive look at markets. Our program equips students with the tools and knowledge to step into the role of a consultant. We aim to provide a comprehensive curriculum for students to understand the ins and outs of a company in order to target problems/weaknesses and propose solutions.

Our program provides the unique opportunity for students to sharpen and utilize both critical thinking skills and creativity when approaching a problem. This intersectional problem solving method allows students to practice thorough analysis of the market then equips them with the tools to pitch reasonable and viable solutions.


Day 1

Introductions & Icebreakers

Week Overview & Case Competition Introduction

What is Consulting? Who is MBB? What is the Case? (Lecture)

Group Work on Market Sizing Research & Market Sizing for Case Competition

"The Holy Grail of Questions" Game

Day 2

Profit & Loss Case Lecture

Activity: Brainstorm Ways to Cut Costs, Identify Risks & Synergies, Understand Disrupting Factors

How to Read a Financial Statement Lecture

Entering a New Market Case

What is the HBS Case Method? (Lecture)

Day 3

Interview Key Stakeholders in Case Competition & Begin to Identify Potential Needs/Solutions

M&A Cases + Practice

HBS Case Walkthrough Lecture

Resume Workshop

How to Build a Slide Deck (Branding Lecture)

Day 4

Case Presentations

Harvard Q&A

Day 5 (Summer)

Guest Speaker - usually a Harvard professor or graduate student; sometimes a leading expert in the field.

Follow-up Q&A 

Additional lectures, further analysis of case studies, & more interactive activities