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The Academies @Home

The Academies @Home are intensive five-day academic enrichment programs for high-achieving high school students. This program is organized by Harvard Student Agencies, a Harvard student-run corporation committed to bringing rigorous academic experiences to students worldwide. Considering the pandemic, we have created a platform that can be run completely remotely. The Academies @Home offers an unparalleled and challenging academic experience. We offer programs in business, coding, politics and pre-med.
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The International Michael F. Cronin Literature Competition

Through the International Michael F. Cronin Literature Competition, we encourage high school students to take the time out of their busy days to reflect and write stories and poetry of their own. We also hope to give students the opportunity to be noticed by industry professionals and jump start their own creative writing careers.
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Young Leaders in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program 2020

School is the time to explore stuff, make friends, and yes, discover if there’s a Steve Jobs lurking inside a young mind. Learn with Leaders, in collaboration with Harvard Student Agencies, offers budding entrepreneurs at school the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of doing business and taking an idea to execution.

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Young Tech Leaders 2020: Introduction to Python

Learn with Leaders, in collaboration with Harvard Student Agencies, offers students the opportunity to discover their passion for coding. By the end of this course, you will be able to further study all that can be accomplished with Python, or bootstrap yourself into learning another language.

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First-hand experience, first-rate results.

The Academies at Harvard is a sister company of HSA Tutoring, a non-profit division of Harvard Student Agencies whose mission is to provide high-quality tutoring to students in the Boston area and beyond at the most affordable prices. Their core service is private tutoring for any standardized test (SAT, ACT, AP, IB, SAT II, etc) or academic subject, provided in-person or online. HSA Tutoring also provides small group courses in ACT and SAT prep, personalized college essay prep, and pre-professional programs for high school students held at Harvard. All HSA tutors are current Harvard students and all profits go straight back into student wages, so you know where your money is going, always.

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Empower. Connect. Inspire.

The Women's Leadership Conference by Harvard Student Agencies is an opportunity to learn and connect with others who are invested in developing their leadership skills, while diving deep into women's leadership topics with a full day of keynote speakers, panels, and break-out sessions. Along the way, high schoolers are encouraged to build their confidence surrounding leadership and networking. With a collection of speakers from STEM, politics, and business fields, the conference provides a range of experiences for students to hear and reflect upon. Students will be able to explore different interests and learn from female leaders in their field and Harvard students.

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Due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, all programs are now online.
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